Vegan Essentials Goodies

Bianca of Vegan Crunk fame held a give-away last month and her super awesome dad fronted the prize which was a $25 gift voucher from Vegan Essentials. I was so super happy to have been the lucky commenter who was chosen out of the 238 (!!!) people all eager to win this amazing prize. It took me numerous attempts to choose my goodies but I am very happy with what I did choose.
Those Sweet and Sara Marshmallows are not going to last long - I've had three already! They are AMAZING! The Bacon Salt I have been coveting for a a loooong time - I bought it mainly for Mr treehugger but I am curious as to what it tastes like myself. I'm imagining it will taste like bacon flavoured crisps but we'll see. The stock cubes I've had before when my awesome package swap buddy Laura sent me some. I really really like them and I'm chuffed to have some more. I think the Peanut Butter cookies speak for themselves and I'm really excited to try the Ribs - they will be kept safe untill BBQ'ing weather me thinks. So all that is left for me to say is a MASSIVE thank you to Bianca and her dad - you guys ROCK!

Mini savoury pies

There's something about eating mini foods that really excites me. I'm not sure what it is - whether it's because I can pretend I'm a giant or whether it is something more deep and profound that my therapist would compare to my inner child - similar to my excitement at glitter and stickers. I'm not sure and I don't care. Eating mini food= fun! These pies were assembled in a muffin pan using store bought puff pastry. To make 6 pies I used 200 grams of pastry. This particular filling is mince and potato but you could use anything you fancy. These involved frying some onion and garlic, adding some diced potato and carrot and reconstituted TVP and cooking in some stock for 20 mins then thickening it all up with some Bisto gravy granules.
I am going to experiment with other fillings so be sure to check back for recipes. These are ideal for parties and picnics and just generally having on hand when you fancy a nibble.