Vegan MoFo the Fifth

It's nearly that time again folks!
1st October 2011 sees the start of this year's fifth Vegan MoFo.

VeganMoFo was originally created by the awesome people that are collectively known as PPK'ers over at the Post Punk Kitchen.

The idea is to write as much as you can all throughout October, about the awesomeness that is vegan food. Pretty easy 'cos we all know how AWESOME being vegan is already so let's all shout it out to the rest of the world so that they can be in on this nifty secret too!

Be sure to check out the new Vegan MoFo website, where you will find everything you could possibly want to know about Vegan MoFo, as well as the official RSS feed, the form for registering your blog, AMAZING daily give-aways, daily round-ups and LOTS more. You'll find me there posting daily round-ups every Friday.

This is my fourth year doing MoFo and I absolutely LOVE IT!!
The comradeship, the camaraderie, the fun and THE FOOD!
It is all just simply awesome.

I don't usually have a theme for MoFo, I just post about what I've eaten that day, but this year I have finally decided to have one and this year's theme will be revealed all in good time. 
Well, OK, on the 1st October actually.
It's a corker!

Go MoFo!

The Vegan Forum - made me realise some important things

I recently joined The Vegan Forum, which is predominantly UK based but includes lots of members from all over the world, and I was really enjoying being a part of that community and conversing with new vegans and hardened vegans alike. I like forums, I belong to lots of them and internet communities are a god send to me.
So I was really hurt and upset to learn that not only had a post of mine been deleted but also that the admins had seen fit to alter my status from "Vegan" to "Not currently a vegan".
As well as that the admins also saw fit to deny me access to my own profile and to have all my posts pre approved.

That got me to thinking (as things generally do)........

Do I need labels to define me as a person?
Is it so important for me to fit into a pre conceived niche in this world? 

No, I do not. 
No, it is not.

I am confident enough in myself as a person that I do not need labels to define myself.
Vegan to me is about living my life and existing in this universe without causing harm and suffering to others - that extends to all forms of life including humans. I want to tread as gently on this earth as possible and I don't want my existence to be at another beings expense.

But where do I draw the line?

The post that had been deleted was in a topic discussing honey.
I know honey was defined as non vegan by Donald Watson but I wonder where Donald would have stood when it comes to using drugs and medications that have been tested on animals?

Do we abstain from using medication because they have been tested on animals? 
Does my type 1 diabetic boyfriend stop using his insulin because it has been tested on animals? 
Does an asthmatic stop using their ventolin because it has been tested on animals? 

I promote alternatives to animal research in many many ways and I long for the day when animal testing will be a thing of the past, but as it stands it is not viable, healthy or wise for anyone who relies on life saving medication to stop using their drugs FOR WHATEVER REASON.

I eat locally produced honey.
Because I am a hayfever sufferer and I would rather my money went to my local bee keeper than it go to some huge corporate pharmaceutical company.

And while we're on the subject; I still wear wool and leather and I drink wine that is not vegan.

So, call me what you like. Call me a vegan, a non vegan, a hypocrite, whatever. Hater's are gonna hate.

I live my vegan lifestyle to the best of my ability and I am happy with the choices I make in my life.

Deal with it people.


Edited to add: After mulling this over for days I have decided to not use honey to control my hayfever, I shall carry on using meds.