Don't fret people - I have been cooking and eating fantastic vegan food during The Big Move and I promise I have not withered away to nothingness (haha as if!). I am thoroughly enjoying my new kitchen - there is just soooo much room it's AWESOME! So as you know exactly what I'm talking about and appreciate my elation without thinking I've lost the plot completely - here is a photo of my old kitchen You see that thing under the yellow toaster? That was my oven!! It was smaller than a small thing and it always amazed me that I managed for so long with that heap of shite. The two small work surface areas you can see were THE ONLY work surfaces! And to think I rustled out Christmas dinner with all the trimmings in that tiny space! Now.....behold my lovely new kitchen Isn't it AWESOME!!! I can dance around when the notion takes me, heck - I can do the freaking can can AND have room for my friends to join in too! And can you see my lovely new MAHOOSIVE oven? I frequently stroke it. Now "ONTO THE FOOD" I hear you cry. What with the gorgeous hot weather here on The Costa Blanca, Salads have been playing a big role in our evening meals. I quite happily eat Salad all day every day when the sun is shining so I'm always concocting up new ways and ideas to eat it. My latest creation is Curried Rice and let me tell you - it's GOOOOOOOD! Curried Rice Salad serves 4 Ingredients 1 Cup Brown Rice cooked in 3 cups water for 20 minutes, drained and left to cool +/- 1 teaspoon Cumin +/- 1 teaspoon Curry Powder +/- 1 teaspoon Salt half teaspoon Black Pepper Sprinkling of Turmeric Sprinkling of Garam Masala Sprinkling of Garlic Powder 4 Dried Apricotes, diced Handful Sultanas Handful Roasted Cashews Method Fork the Rice (giggles) regularly whilst it's cooling to prevent it from sticking. When it's cooled completely add all the ingredients mixing really well after each addition and Bob's yer uncle! How easy is that! Don't be shy to add more of the Spices and taste it regularly to check how it's coming along and just season it to your taste really. This is so versatile and the possibilities are endless so don't be scared - experiment with it. This will keep in the fridge a few days and is even better the next day too.
Here it is served with a green Salad, Chickpea Cutlets, grilled Asparagus, New Potatoes and homemade Mayo. YUM!
Other meals in the treehugger household this week have been
Seitan Satay - recipe can be found here
Here it is served with a green Salad and more Curried Rice Salad. Über YUM!
Tofu Breast served with Caeser Salad and grilled Asparagus! Über Über YUM!
Asparagus is in season here and is super cheap so we do tend to eat a lot of it at this time of year because we can actually afford it. It is one of my favourite vegetables and my favourite way to cook it is drizzled in Olive Oil, sprinkled with Salt and Black Pepper with some Fresh Lemon squeezed over the top and grilled for 5 mins. Hell YEAH!

Ground control to major treehugger

I promise I'll get back in the swing of blogging about heathen vegan shennanigans very very soon. Today the move is completely and utterly and finally over and I feel myself returning to some form of normality. Well....normal for me anyway. Here's a couple of piccies.
Having 5 mins rest in between the madness