Well rested and Raring to go!

Oooh it was weird not typing vegan MoFo as the title.....it felt so natural to do so.
Well it's November chaps and chapesses and the days are getting as short as they are cold. Nature tends to kick in and take over our bodies through the Winter Months - making us crave stodgy foods that will help keep us warm with some extra insulation. I don't know about anyone else but I am amply insulated enough as it is and after MoFo all my body was craving was SALAD!! Yep - you heard me - nice crisp green Lettuce Leaves with a juicy red Tomato and LOADS of Cauliflower Salad to boot. Boy was it ever good and I'm going to have the same for lunch today as well. It's interesting to note that it is all raw too!
And as promised prior to Halloween, a photo of the Spider Cake I made.
He looks good but I wasn't impressed with the Cake mixture and would NOT make this again. I only own Veganomicon and Vegan with a Vengeance cook books so I rely heavily on the interwebs for recipes - if anyone has a tried and tested and LOVED Sponge Cake recipe you could share with me I would be truly grateful. Thankfully everyone was well inebriated when he got sliced up and failed to notice what I noticed - maybe my taste buds are more sensitive than omni's anyway? Who knows! I didn't like it and that is enough for me, or maybe EVERYONE didn't like it but were all too polite to say!! Maybe I have scarred them against Vegan Cake for life!! Oh the paranoia has set in!!


I'm sorry the taste didn't come out like you wanted, but the spider looks adorable nonetheless!

Love the spider :) The sponge we made for LP's birthday was lovely, good and moist and still yummy two days later (one slice survived until Monday!).

Awesome salads!! I was craving them too. The spider looked soooo cute!

Here is a great choc. cake recipe:

I took it to work and had to pass out the recipe to a whole bunch of omnis!

Lily Girl said...

I know, I thought to myself "wait, I have to come up with a title that doesn't include a preface?!" haha

Such a fun cake, bummer it didn't come out as expected.

jessy said...

your cauliflower salad looks so colorful & awesome! mmmmmmmmmm! i'm sorry the cake didn't turn out how you were imagining it would. it looks awesome, and i bet it was yummy, too! i tend to be a pretty harsh critic on myself - if people ate it then i bet they really enjoyed it! hooray for spider cake! :D

Sal said...

Spidey is adorable!!

Vegan cupcakes take over the world is an absolutely awesome book and they always turn out great.

This recipe is also a great one for chocolate cake! I made it at easter and it was triple rad!


ooh hang on... I think Lisa has recommended the same one!

I don't know how you made it but now I have to sing "spider cake" instead of "spider pig" all the time...
Oh and the raw salad totally brings back summer.

lazysmurf said...

the spider cake is adorable!

I know I was so sad that I didn't have to put my little Vegan MoFo banner on today! :) hehee.. oh well we must all learn to embrace CHANGE! I hear ya on the salad too... must find some good dressings...

kelly g. said...

Oh now, he is too cute to eat anyhow!

shellyfish said...

Your salad looks great! I'm also craving some fresheness myself.
I find that no matter which recipe I use, vegan cakes are good but just not the same. The Joy of Vegan Baking has lots of good recipes, so do Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World...I can email you a basic white cupcake recipe if you want - let me know!

Sorry the spider cake didn't taste as good as it looked... it looks awesome!

Vegyogini said...

He's cute even if he didn't taste good!

Sanja said...

i;m sorry your cake didn't work out, but at least it looks adorable!

Agnesss =) said...

Hey heyoo!!

Soo nice to hear you enjoyed a raw meal =D cool!! keep it going!! =D
Makes you feel great!!

Well...and the cookie...so fun!! =D

If you have time pls visit me on my new post =))

Enjoy the day!!

DJ said...

Salad?? You're craving SALAD?? You're spider cake looks adorable and if you want a really good chocolate sponge recipe I can email you the recipe I used for number 1 daughter's pumpkin birthday cake - very yummy!!

River said...

Aww, your spider cake is so adorable!! I'm adding it to my Halloween goodies list, even though you didn't think it tasted good, it looks fantabulous!

What a colorful salad! Way to eat some healthful veggies after MoFo... unlike me!

Bethany said...

that spider is so cute! I love the wavy hairy frosting technique.

the spider cake loves you and says "don't be paranoid"!

Thanks for all your kind words - spidey would be happy.

And thanks for the recipes too - Sal & Lisa - if two of ya rate this recipe then it's a must for sure!!

Mihl - you got me singing Spider Cake now as well - too funny!

Felicity said...

Love the spider cake too... "itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout"...

joanna said...

omg i love your spide cake!!! i would eat that whole thing. cake is such a weakness of mine.

Amanda said...

cute cake! Yes, it's salad days for me too after all that veganmofo'ing!!

Tracy said...

Did I miss a link for the cauliflower salad recipe? It looks so good! Your spider is adorable. Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World is fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! I use their cupcake recipes and just make cakes every now and then, I'm sure they'd have something that would meet your spidery needs. :c) Hmmm... salad does sound good.

I love the cake! Though I wish the recipe had worked out for you. Still so cute!

aTxVegn said...

That spider cake is so cute and I'll bet it tasted just fine. And the salad - it looks fantastic!

The spider cake is AWESOME! So cute! Ad I bet delicious, too. I really want to get excited about tomatoes and cauliflower, I REALLY DO. I'm just not there yet.

Anke said...

i love your spider!!!! awesome! how much patience did u need for that? certainly u have more than i´d have! LOL

Bex said...

ha! I love the spider cake. Cute idea.

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